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MIT’s Tensor Display creates glasses-free holovids from 3 LCDs

The current generation of 3DTV sucks for lots of reasons, not the least of which is that it's not really 3D like a hologram is. Recognizing that true holographic video is a long way off, MIT has developed a glasses-free 3D stacked LCD display it's calling a Tensor Display that can make some of that magic happen. The difference between the pseudo 3D that we see while wearing those ridiculous glasses at the movies and actual 3D images is perspective. With ...

Korean company bringing 4D cinema to the US

4D technology coming to US cinemas 3D not enough for you? Leave it to Korea. A company ...

DVB Steering Board approves Phase 2a of 3DTV specification

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DaVinci 3D Roars To Life, 3D Theatrical Debut At Chicago AOA Convention

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CHICAGO, July 10, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ – DaVinci 3D Corp. ( www.davinci3d.com ) made its cinematic debut today in conjunction with the International 3D Society. Jim Chabin, CEO of the Society, asked Steve Blumenthal, CEO of DaVinci 3D to convert the closing montage for the AOA (American Optimologist Association) meeting, part of the International [...]

View-Master Forever — 3D, the iPhone and the 3D Director Viewer

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Okay I admit off the bat that the title is misleading — it’s not a View-Master that I’m talking about. But anyone who remembers this icon of the toy industry can immediately recognize the look of the plastic device. But more important than its appearance is the “look” one sees when viewing the stereoscopic images [...]

Second Generation 3D TV For Return From The JEDI Put To Test By Hispasat …

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The MVC format is used for 3D transmission of TV broadcast, and has just got a major fillip with the launch of Hispasat 1E satellite that led to the birth of JEDI (Just Explore EU project dimensions) second generation 3D TV broadcast channel, with the system being an experimental demonstration of its compatibility with the [...]

Yabazam App Brings More Native 3D Content to Samsung Smart TVs

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Samsung 3D TV owners will now be able to enjoy a new little treat — a 3D-enhanced one. A company by the name of DDD Group has just announced availability of the Yabazam 3D movie app for Samsung’s 3D-capable Smart TVs. The free download will allow users to stream 3D movie trailers and “a growing [...]

CEA Issues Specs For 3DTV Closed Captioning, Glasses

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Standards Define Closed-Captioning Rendering in 3D Programs, IR Signaling for Active-Shutter Glasses By Todd Spangler — Multichannel News, 7/9/2012 1:58:07 PM The Consumer Electronics Association announced the publication of a standard for 3DTVs to render closed-captioning services and another for synchronizing active-shutter 3D glasses via an infrared signal. The first spec, CEA-708.1, “Digital Television (DTV) [...]

Consumer Electronics Association releases 3DTV standards

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Consumers watching 3D programming on TV may find it easier channel surf while wearing active 3D glasses or read closed-captions in 3D programming, if standards released by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) on Monday are implemented. The CEA-2038 standard will allow viewers wearing active shutter 3D glasses to continue wearing the glasses when navigating between [...]

HISPASAT Transmits JEDI 3D TV Demo Channel with Multiview Video Coding …

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• Hispasat 1E satellite retransmits, free-to-air, JEDI (Just Explore DImensions European project) channel, which delivers second-generation 3DTV content. This is the world’s first demonstration of this system, compatible with the MVC (Multiview Video Coding) format • The company currently works to boost the introduction of 3D television at home and to develop the technology to [...]

3D Makes LG’s Cinema 3D Google TV Attractive

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Few will deny that HDTVs now come with a variety of “bells and whistles” to lure in the prospective buyer. But that 3D should be relegated to be “just” another add-on is a huge disservice to what the technology brings to the viewing experience. Being a reviewer allows me to see home theater products that [...]

The Amazing Spider-Man — in 3D!

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If you’re looking to lose some money, take a bet that I do not prefer to watch video games in 3D. With that out of the way, the sad fact is that there aren’t many 3D games out there to play or worth playing. So to avoid being aggravated, I used to pretend that 3D [...]

Head of BBC Sports has mixed emotions about 3D coverage

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BBC Sports chief says the jury is still out on 3D In an interview with 3D Focus Magazine BBC Sports Executive Producer Paul Davies says it may take awhile to see if sports in 3D appeals to a wide audience. The BBC is running Wimbledon in 3D, which can also be seen on ESPNs 3D channel on [...]