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Get a 3D look at a spectacular lunar crater

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There’s a nice one posted by the Planetary Society. The picture is derived from a digital elevation model of an unnamed crater taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. It’s explained in the posting that these models contain depth information, but usually aren’t processed as 3D files.

Nathaniel Burton-Bradford, who is an amateur image processor took the files and turned it into a rather stunning anaglyphic picture. You can see the original files at this link, and the full 3D file right here. Nice isn’t it?

This isn’t the only 3D material to look at from the space program. NASA and JPL have a great collection of images taken by the Mars rovers, as well as images of the Sun taken as part of the STEREO mission, where a spacecraft in orbit around the sun takes pictures of our closest star from different positions and turns them into images with great depth.

NASA even created a 3D GIF file of the recent tornadoes in Texas. You don’t need special glasses, but the effect of the 3D radar plot is pretty amazing.

People complain about all the wasted money on government projects, and there is plenty of that, but I could to feeling real good when I see some of our best technologies used to create these breathtaking images.

Of course for 3D fans, there are the IMAX films that can give you a real feeling for space travel. Space Station is a pretty good luck at what it is like to be aboard the NASA Space Station, and I’ve already recommended Hubble 3D as really demo quality material if you have a 3DTV to watch it. 

So let’s hear it for space in all its 3D glory. There’s plenty of anaglyphic material out there, and some good things to watch if you have a 3DTV and the appropriate active or passive glasses.