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New LG Google TV Due In US This Month

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Arriving the 21st of May according to senior exec

LG is all set to have another bash at Google TV sets, with new models due out as soon as the end of this month.

Reuters reckons that the fresh offerings will be due the week after next, and they’re part of a push by LG to snaffle more net-connected TV market share. Smart TV sales are expected to take off considerably more this year – online connectivity is what folks want, not 3DTV, according to research – and LG obviously wants a big slice of that pie.

Furthermore, the firm is concerned about Apple’s potential iTV offering, so wants to entrench itself in the market as much, and as soon, as possible.

A senior executive at LG spoke to Reuters and let slip the potential 21st May release date for the TV.

Ro Seogho, executive vice president of LG’s TV business unit, told reporters: “Production of Google TVs will start from May 17 from our factory in Mexico and U.S. consumers will be able to buy the product from the week of May 21.”

There were no concrete details given, such as screen sizes, unfortunately. The American market is the sole launch concern, and ensuing sales will be monitored before a decision on a European or Asian launch is made.

In other words, we may or may not see the new LG Google TV set over here, but if we do, it won’t be for a while.

Source: Reuters