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Sharp Introduces Largest TV Ever: New AQUOS LED 3D TV With 90 Inch Display

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The AQUOS LED Smart 3D TV from Sharp measures a massive 90 inch, which the Japanese electronics powerhouse is claiming is the biggest so far not only from their stable but also stands bigger and taller than any other TV made by any other manufacturer. It stands 4 feet tall and is 6 feet 8 inches wide. The set is capable of 1080p video with the best of resolutions. For applications that one can access via the set, the interface menu is SmartCentral which has been developed by Sharp themselves. One can browse the web or see online video as well as Skype with people via the TV set. It also has 3D capability but of the active technology type. Sharp is supplying the glasses that is necessary for viewing the 3D effect.

Price of the set is $11,000 which is why one does need to seriously consider the necessity for such a huge dimension television set. It would surely be a wall mounted set up that one has to plan with this set which is 5 inches in depth while weighing 141 pounds.

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